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Enjoy the way you work and collaborate


Tasks & Projects
Tasks can be defined for oneself or assigned to a colleague, or delegated after being received. Project management features of the product are imbedded in the ‘groups’.
Includes : Project Management and Tasks, Gantt Chart, Task Dependencies, Employee Workload Management (Tasks), Counters and Roles, Checklist, Templates and Automation, Workgroups, Task Reports, Report Builder, External Users, Tasks via Email

Social Network
How easy is it to communicate with social networks like Facebook? There is little question that the wild popularity of social networks comes from the fact that they solve a basic problem – ease of communication – in a way that is superior to previous options. Imagine putting the power of enterprise social networking into your company's daily operations!

Includes : Social Intranet, Activity Stream, The 'Like!' Button, Conversations, Badges, Announcements, Photo Gallery, Workflows, Collaborate by Email, Integration with Popular Social Networks 

Chat & Video
Time is money and nothing is faster than real time communications. Bitrix24 gives you a wide choice of RTC tools, from instant messaging and group chat to phone calls, mobile messaging, video calls and videoconferencing. There is no need to integrate anything, these RTC tools are built into your Bitrix24 account and are absolutely free to use.
Includes : Real Time Communication, Instant Messenger, Group Chat, Voice and Video Calls, Screen Sharing and HD Video Conferencing, Mobile App

Joint work with documents
Connect “Bitrix24.Disk” and manage your work files from your computer as well as directly from the portal. Connect to your Disk folders with company’s files and group drives, give access to colleagues and work on files together. Share documents with colleagues, discuss them on “Operating band”, get external links for them. Work with documents, even without office software. Through external web services Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online, you can open, view and edit files of all popular formats online.
Edit any Bitrix24 documents with applications on your computer help: MS Office, and even Adobe Photoshop. Changed file will be immediately saved directly to Bitrix24.
  • Document processing online
  • Document creation online
  • Document editing MS Office
  • Document discussion
  • History of changes   
  • Document rating
  • Smart search


Integration with Microsoft, Google, Apple
Product “Britix.Corporate Portal” can be integrated with many leading software applications. Edit documents with MS Office, Open Office and LibreOffice directly in the portal through the browser. Synchronize your calendars, contacts and tasks in the portal with Microsoft, Google and Apple applications. Centrally manage your business information system’s user groups.
Integration with MS Office, MS Office Online
Integration with GoogleDocs
Integration with MS Outlook (contacts, calendars)
Integration with Google (contacts, calendars)
Integration with MacOS, iOS, Android
MS Exchange Server 2007/2010 connector
Integration with MS Exchange Web Mail
MS SharePoint connector
Active Directory / LDAP Integrator + NTLM


Mobile Application for the portal
Install a mobile application (iOS, Android) and work with the portal on your tablet or smartphone: read and comment “Operating band”, manage documents, tasks and files. Manage customer base CRM, assign colleagues calendar appointments, confirm your participation in new events. Send pictures from your phone straight to the band. Push-messages allow you to keep up with events in the company and keep in touch with colleagues.
  • Mobile video calling!
  • CRM management
  • Meeting planning in the calendar
  • Task Management
  • Working with documents
  • Push-Notifications
  • Mobile Extranet
  • Stay in touch!
  • Talk in "real time"
  • Work in “Activity Stream”
  • Upload pictures to the “Activity Stream”
  • Share instant IM messages











CRM: customers and sales
CRM - Customer relationship management system. Create lead’s, contact’s, company’s data base; log any events (for example phone calls, emails, meetings, transactions) associated with that company; invoice customers, plan your activities, create “sales funnel”, reports and graphs.
  • Customer database
  • CRM Activity Stream
  • Deal management
  • Commercial offer
  • Invoices
  • Prevention of duplicate
  • Calls to customers from CRM
  • Email to customers
  • Activity planning
  • LEAD processing
  • Reports. Sales Funnel
  • CRM smart search
  • Catalogue of products and services
  • Integration with Website
  • CRM integration with e-shop
  • CRM Business Processes
  • Filter Constructor
  • Access rights and roles
  • Mobile CRM
  • CRM Website Forms
  • Open channels
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Access Rights and Roles in CRM









«Bitrix24» in the cloud

You do not need to install and configure. You sign up, invite colleagues and immediately start to work with your company portal.       


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